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Friday, May 27, 2011

Social Networking & the Power of Social Media in Indonesia – we ain’t seen nothing yet!!!

Social Networking & the Power of Social Media in Indonesia – we ain’t seen nothing yet!!!

James Fergusson, Managing Director, TNS Global Technology Sector

I’m in Indonesia this week – a fascinating rapidly urbanizing and huge growth market characterized by a fast emerging middle class. Mobile phones are playing a key role in this transition. Like many rapid growth markets Indonesia is characterized by leap frogging behavior when it comes to technology and digital usage.

Indonesia is already the world’s 2nd biggest Facebook and Twitter market in terms of number of members. However research by TNS reveals that this huge penetration is not translating to heavy usage with only 14% of Indonesia’s online population accessing Social Networking Sites on a daily basis compared to the Global average of 46%.

Currently many Indonesians rely on either ICafes or older generation smart phones to access the Internet. The inconvenience of getting to an ICafe and the cluttered operating systems of older phones compromise the user experience and frequency of Internet access and Social Networking usage.
I expect this situation to change rapidly! Over the coming months we will see an increase in Chinese manufactured new generation smart phones using the extremely user friendly and intuitive Android operating system in the market at a relatively lower price point – around USD$100. As is happing elsewhere in rapid growth markets we will see this drive a flood of more frequent Internet access.
The subsequent increase in Social Networking usage represents a huge opportunity for businesses operating in Indonesia, where 30% of online consumers would welcome online brand content and online Indonesians already have an average of seven brand friends – well above the global average of four. As such now is the time for marketers targeting Indonesian consumers to be planning their mobile digital strategies. The future of Digital in Indonesia is very much mobile!


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