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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

All About Fasting became Trending Topic in Twitter

Yusro M. Santoso, Jumat, 5 Agustus 2011

A total of 6 out of 10 keywords that a trending topic up at 15.30 p.m on Friday 5/08/2011,was related to the fast. Please take a note at buber, transformer, ngabuburit, bulan puasa, bukber, poso, dude, ospek, #sawityowit dan rhoma irama.

Transformer movie, is more widely discussed in twitter, twit and a mention number reached 1838 this afternoon, but from the scores lose with Buber (break fasting together) which has a score of 23, with a twit and a mention totalling 751.

Break fasting together with all the Tweeps, abbreviated in two acronyms Buber and Bukber, but discussed a same thing, like break fasting together, starting asking where the place that they are gonna break fasting, make an appointment for bukber, until bukber with whom.

Conversations concerning fasting, is also seen in ngabuburit keyword: conversation about waiting for the break fasting, a fasting month, Poso (fasting in Javanese) and tagar # sawityowit.

Tweep apparently prefer to talk about fasting than the others topic until the afternoon. And whether because of the shift in time is also makes a shift in the topic of discussions in the social media.
Taken from Article by Yusro M. Santoso, Jumat, 5 Agustus 2011and translated into english article

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