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Friday, January 27, 2012

Brilliant and Clever Food Advertisements

Every day, people choose to eat certain foods. Sometimes we choose something because it tastes better than anything else, but other times, we consider factors such as healthiness, cost, and the company that made it.  Some people swear by certain brands, whereas other people always go for the least expensive option. Food advertisements are featured everywhere from TV to billboards, city buses and magazines, and are designed to convince you that a given food product is the best choice.

There are a variety of way that food advertisements try to influence you, and food advertising is generally based around the factors mentioned previously.  Here you’ll find a collection of brilliant and clever food ads that will be sure to make you look twice and admire the creativity.

Miracle Whip
Pampaverde Burger
Allbran Taco
McCormick Chicken
Duet Ice Cream
Chef Boyardee
Burger King
South Sea Seafood
Kraft Easy Mac
Panda Express
Domino’s Pizza

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